Do you need to find water for the irrigation of your lands? Do you want to dig a well but you don’t know if there is going to be water? The research of water resources is our strength. Our system verify the presence of aquifers. The results of our researches help professionals in charge by giving them the exact information about the well’s location.


Water is a resource that’s becoming increasingly valuable.

The availability of water decrease each year, the locations with water crisis are growing in number, the prices are increasing.

15% of Italian population (almost 8 million people) is below the thresold of water requirements (50 daily liters per person) for 4 months (June – September).

If we take into account that 97% of Italian fresh waters is found in aquifers, finding new wells and aquifers is an essential factor, and it requires the advice of a geologist and various investigative activities on the land.

In the last decades, technology made possible the drilling at profound depths for the research of wells and aquifers, which is becoming vital for our needs.

Studies and developments of the POSEIDON System were the results of combining values of RESEARCH and TECHNOLOGY with the EASE of obtaining FIRM RESULTS in the shortest amount of time possible.

In questo schema il colore MAGENTA rappresenta gli strati piA? compatti del terreno (es. roccia); i colori degradanti verso il BLU SCURO indicano la vicinanza a probabile presenza di acqua.
Analytical chart Research of groundwater

In this scheme the Magenta color represents the firmer layers of soil, the colors tending to blue represent the proximity of water.The graph represent the horizontal and vertical metric scale: at 70mt from our reference point, with a depth of 65/70 mt we can find the aquifer.

EASY, FAST but most importantly, A RELIABLE RESEARCH.