Are you searching for  geothermal energy sources? Are you looking for a thermal water source? The Poisedon system is able to help you find geothermal energy sources also called spring of “energy water” optimal for creating power plants for the production of zero-impact electricity. 


Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated inside the terrestrial sphere. This heat is manifested by the progressive increase in the temperature of the rocks based on their depth. According to a geothermal gradient, every 100 mt. in depth the temperature increases on average by 3 ° Celsius degrees. Some areas have gradients higher than average (9 ° -12 ° Celsius degrees every 100 meters depth), due to geological or volcanic anomalies.

In Italy there are two main high enthalpy geothermal areas where geothermal energy is exploited: in the triangle of the Larderello (PI) / Travale (GR) / Radicondoli (SI) and Monte Amiata (GR-SI) areas, both positioned in the Southern Tuscany.

The thermal energy accumulated in the subsoil is made available by flowing water or steam from the geothermal reservoir to the surface, spontaneously as for example geysers, shower heads and thermal springs, or artificially supplied through the construction of a geothermal well.

An unmanned aerial vehicle commonly known as a Drone equipped with a camera and sensors positioned in its lower part, combined with the POSEIDON System, creates a unique system in Europe / World designed specifically to identify renewable energy sources.

The small aircraft, long and less than a meter wide, has the task of identifying the geothermal water reservoirs present in the subsoil and it becomes an integral part of the POSEIDON System, as a developed and patented geophysical prospecting tool.

The POSEIDON System is able to probe the ground up to two thousand meters of depth, in search of medium enthalpy geothermal fields, or the so-called “energy water” mines, excellent for creating power plants for the production of zero-impact electricity. 

The Drone takes advantage of the “Vlf POSEIDON” technology, from which it takes its name, revealing itself as a hi-tech geophysical system that, thanks to the use of low frequency electromagnetic waves (15-30 kHz), penetrates deep into the subsoil.

The return radio signals are received and processed by a software, which allows to reconstruct even three-dimensional sections of the subsoil according to the density of the rocks and the terrain present. When electromagnetic anomalies are detected it means that there are probable deposits.

The POSEIDON System is able to work even when flying on inaccessible or wooded areas and can cover up to one hundred hectares of land with a flight autonomy of about twenty minutes.

“The sensors located on the Drone and the surveys carried out on land have already allowed to identify, from the first flights and land surveys, various sites with geothermal waters with medium enthalpy, like aquifers with a temperature between 90 and 160 degrees, excellent for producing zero-impact electricity with small sized binary cycle power plants.”

“The idea to merge the remote sensing system and the radio controlled Drone has been revolutionary. In this way we can search large areas in a short time”, says Sergio Marchettini, who designed and patented the system. “The electromagnetic waves are able to identify the deposits up to 2 thousand meters deep.”