You think your land was teather of war and that there might be remnants of it? Your great-grandfather used to tell you about underground tunnels that no one seem to find now?

The POSEIDON system is also suitable for underground researches.

The POSEIDON® system is a tool made for geophysical observations: it examines without the necessity of excavations or perforations. It is absolutely NON-INVASIVE.

It’s capable of detecting what there might be in the underground, buried objects or natural materials.

The Poseidon System doesn’t detect the objects themselves, but the elecromagnetic anomalies produced by everything that has a density and a conductivity different from what surrounds it. For example, a rock in a sandy soil, a mineralisation in a rock face, metal objects, buried walls, landslides, also fractures or faults in the layers that make up the underground.


Its field of application is:

  • Research of metal masses attributable to remnants of war***
  • Soil mineralisation: analysis of the mineral that compose the soil, in order to understand if it is suitable for culture.
  • Identification of an ideal location for the construction of a building, pylons, bridges, tunnels, streets.
  • Research of cavities and underground tunnels.

***Note: this investigation can only be preliminary, in case of presence of any kind of explosive devices, the combat engineers must be informed, the only entities allowed to remediate the area.