Antonella Nenci –

A genious and revolutionary method that permitted us to find an aquifer in a place where neither a dowser or a excavation company managed to find it. A really fast method which, in less than 3 hours, let us detect with precision, in a 5 hectares land, where was the best aquifer, at which depth and what was the entity of the amount of water. Even the excavation company, at first, couldn’t believe it. I am very pleased with the results, I’d recommend this method to everyone; if I knew about this earlier I would have avoided spending so much money on useless diggings!


Le Scuderie di Castel Lombardo

Via di Casale Sant’Angelo 375

00054 Torre in Pietra

I’m extremely thankful for your intervention. The water research was quick and effective. I was looking for a similar solution for a while, and with your services you solved an harmful problem that seemed insurmountable. Fast and with a pinpoint accuracy. I recommend this incredible system to whoever is searching for the gold of the third millenium.

Cintia Campello Torlonia


When I decided I wanted to dig a well on Mount Argentario, I remembered a friend told me about Hydro Hunter, specialized in water research with high-technology. I have to admitt, when I first contacted them I was skeptical, but the scepticism disappeared when they told me, after studies they made on my land, that there were many possibilities of finding water. The research was fast; the land wasn’t that big but in 2 hours I found water at the depth they told me with an error of a few meters. I’m fully satisfied with the results of their work and I recommend them to anyone who’s having trouble in their researches or who wants to have a positive experience.

A sincere Thank You to Hydro Hunter for the kindness, seriousness and high professionalism shown.


Marco Giannelli

Monte Argentario (GR)


I would like to compliment you on the results we had with your methods, the diagnosis of the spot where we found water and its depth. I’m really pleased because in this particular area, many had problems with their researches. I wanted to trust you and I hope everybody else will.  Thank you for now, I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Caterina Soravia

Tasso di Terranuova Bracciolini (AR)


The problem of drought forced me to a solution, the geologist was too expensive and I don’t believe in dowsers. So I started surfing on the Internet and I came across a site that talked about a revolutionary method, with a high percentage of success. The curiosity and the desperate need of water brought me to them, and each time I called I received complete and reassuring answers. In September 2017 they started their researches for the aquifer and with their drone, in very little time they told me there was a good aquifer. In February 2018 I am here with a well which gives me more than 100 liters per minute. I am satisfied that I managed to spend less than any prevision I did, and that the team solved my problem, with precision and professionalism.

A big thank you to Hydrohunter.

Gocciardi Andrea
Sgurgola (FR)


I rarely write reviews but Hydrohunter really deserves it. In my company I had already tried two times to dig wells and find water, I also talked to geologists but even they told me it wasn’t a good idea. Then a friend told me about Hydrohunter. I have to say, I did contact them with a bit of skepticism, but immediately they impressed me: I sent them photos of my company and the land, then they did their researches. When they came with their drone and started searching, they found the spot and you can’t imagine my joy. I was speechless and in disbelief, and I still am. But I’m extremely satisfied that I turned my company around. I highly recommend this company.

Jonny Favi
Agriturismo Poggio Aione
Catabbio-Saturnia (GR)