“When I decided to make a well in my countryside on Monte Argentario, I remembered that a friend had told me about Hydro Hunter, a company specializing in water research with the latest generation of technological means. I must admit that I contacted Hydro Hunter with a bit of skepticism which immediately vanished when they reported that based on a preliminary study of the geological maps concerning the area of ​​my interest, there were excellent chances of finding water in a fair amount. The search was very fast, I must admit that the area to be explored was not large, but in less than two hours they detected the presence of water in the subsoil at three different levels, they marked the point where to drill, informing me that I would have the opportunity to intercept the three flaps.

The drilling has fully confirmed the predictions of the Hydro Hunter, I found the desired water at the depths communicated by them with a minimum error of a few meters, so I can state my full satisfaction with their work and I can strongly recommend them to all those who they have had difficulties in the search or that in any case they want to carry it out without problems or worries of mind.

A sincere thanks to Hydro Hunter for the courtesy, seriousness and the highest professionalism shown.”

Marco Giannelli

Finally, now we have water !!! After so many vicissitudes and the lack of rains in recent years that have made the Roman wells dry… it still seems like a dream. We didn’t want to rely on dowsers, or on theoretical estimation calculations.

Hydro Hunter’s service is reliable and thorough; technical and precise in detecting the place to be drilled, thanks to sophisticated instrumentation.

It was a beautiful day, especially seeing everyone’s surprise. We did not imagine that we would find so much water in an area of ​​absolute eurite and precisely in the area indicated for drilling and at the depth estimated in the inspection of the Hydro Hunter!!

Therefore, I recommend this innovative and reliable research system for those who do not want to drill empty.

Again a big and sincere thanks to Hydro Hunter, for the professionalism and courtesy shown to us from the first contact.

Agnese Nannini

Good morning Mr. Vincenzo

I am writing these lines in the meantime to thank you very much for your professionalism. I must say that I found the method with which you managed to find the aquifer in a place where we had already tried to look for water with the diviner and with the geologist of the company who digs the wells brilliant and revolutionary.

A very fast method that allowed in just 3 hours to identify exactly and precisely in a land of about 5 hectares where the best water table was, at what depth and of what extent. I must say that even the excavator company was amazed at first in disbelief.

So I am fully satisfied with the work and I recommend anyone to adopt this method, also because if I had known it before I would have saved some very expensive “holes” when empty.

A dear greeting

Antonella Nenci

Thank you very much for your intervention with us. The search for water was fast and extremely efficient. For a long time I have been looking for a solution and by using your services you have solved an age-old problem that seemed insurmountable. Fast accurate to the millimeter ……… I recommend this truly extraordinary system to anyone looking for the “gold of the third millennium”.

Cintia Campello Torlonia – Le Scuderie di Castel Lombardo

I have known Vincenzo Orso for a lifetime, but it was still a surprise for me to come across his name while looking for a company that could evaluate the presence of water in the land I had just bought.
When I contacted him to find out more about his new business, I found that he had thrown himself into it. I discovered in him a thorough knowledge of the subject which, obviously, interests him in a particular way.
I therefore entrusted him with the task of indicating the most probable point to carry out the excavation in the ground to obtain the necessary water for irrigation. The land is located about 300 meters from the sea and at an estimated height of about 40 meters above sea level.
After his research carried out with the aid of a probe, he proceeded to process the results and have them analyzed by a geologist, thus crossing the data to provide me with the maximum probability of the presence of water.
The company that carried out the drilling of the ground, according to the indications I received from Vincenzo, verified the maximum presence of water at a depth of 50 meters. And this had been the prediction of the studies produced by Vincenzo and his collaborators.
Although for me this is my first experience in this field, I feel it is my duty to point out the availability, professionalism and seriousness of this person and his collaborators.

Dimitri De Clara